The Fuzzheads

Doors each night 9pm / Show 10pm / 21+ / $10 advance

The Fuzzheads. What is that? What are they? How is it? Why?

Young guys covering old guys music in a fearless, mighty and raucous way.

Let’s go good people, these young and incredibly studied rockers bring a show of the ages, for the ages, that will resonate for ages beyond. The music from the likes of Tom Petty, The Cars, Neil Young, The Doobie Brothers, The Chili Peppers, Dire Straights, Van Halen, and Elton John barely just scratches the surface of the catalogue available for the band’s performance. The energy is beyond exciting and each time the guys have played OTP, the crowd is screaming for more all the way up until the end. Let’s dance!!!